Why should you take this course?

"Either you are an entrepreneur that works in the medical field, or you are franchising a bunch of nightclubs, or you run a company that produces protein bars, what I’m interested in is activating your mindset to support your business’ growth. My passion is about taking your brand to the next level and what I can do to help you achieve success and a rock solid reputation in your business." - Wahido Marata

  • ReBrand • ReVive • ReAlize

    There is nothing better for any entrepreneur running a business to take some time to learn how to generate active income with integrity, build a trustworthy brand, apply top online marketing strategies and run a successful online business empire.

  • Tomorrow Is Not Written Yet!

    Focus on your talents, values, purpose, passions and skills. What are your strengths? What are you good at? What makes you alive and full of energy, what excites you and brings that sense of feeling alive and engaged in every single moment in life, not to be wasted?

  • Creating Self-Awareness

    Creating Self-Awareness to implement a tangible and strong MINDSET and a step-by-step program to set and achieve tangible goals and aspirations in life is a must. The way we communicate to ourselves is a direct reflection of the influence we have in the world and ultimately a direct reflection of the REPUTATION we build around our brands.

  • Next: Acceptance & Execution

    Find the energy that fuels your MINDSET, your WHY, your THOUGHTS, your SOUL, and your HEART, and which gives you the space to feel more, to achieve more, to dream higher. Accept where you are at, ground yourself, find your centre, and plant the seed that can grow into the future you want to create in your life.

  • Believe It Is Possible

    Going from zero to hero is possible and the first step is to believe it is possible. Then, you just have to add a few other elements to it such as persistence, focus, determination and patience.

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What will you achieve or be able to do after taking this course?

  • Learn how to generate active income with integrity, build a trustworthy brand, apply online marketing strategies and run a successful online business empire.

  • Learn to find out What, Why and How to achieve any goal in life, in any area or expertise, with a strong Mindset and deep inner Self-Awareness.

  • Learn how to Take Action & Execute from a space of clarity, vision, self-awareness and self-confidence.

  • Have a clear vision about how to elaborate an action plan for achieving any goal.

  • Have a deeper understand about how to stay focused and motivated to follow through.

  • Tips and tools to address lack of motivation, focus and struggles with sleeping disorders, stress, anxiety, and much more...


  • Wahido Marata

    ICF certified Life & Career Coach

    Wahido Marata

    Hi, I'm Wahido Marata and I am a CLC, CCC, Certified Life & Career Coach by the ICF (International Coach Federation.) I have developed these online courses with one thing in mind: empowering entrepreneurs to achieve their fullest potential. These online courses are focused on creating Mindset Shifts, empowering Self-Awareness, Goal Setting and achieving Goals and Dreams. There are so many such courses already on the market, so why am I creating another one? It is my belief that it is possible to achieve anything in life when we truly focus on what drives us, what brings us the sense of daily value, purpose and aliveness. And what brings me daily value is accountability and this is what I'll offer you, constantly. When we are living life with PASSION, driven by a strong MINDSET and a tangible WHY that we can relate to, life automatically and organically guides us to manifest our dreams.

Who should take this course?

  • Entrepreneurs ready to take the steps to fulfil their life purpose and manifest their dreams.

  • Entrepreneurs motivated to be guided and mentored to achieve excellence in their business and thus financial freedom.

  • Entrepreneurs that believe they deserve and that it is their birthright to live a life on their terms, doing what they are passionate about and love to do in life.

  • Entrepreneurs interested in a deeper understanding of human psychology and how to boost energy levels and motivation.

  • Entrepreneurs interested in improving and maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit, and improving their EQ.

Course curriculum

What entrepreneurs are saying about this course:

by Sonja Thorsvik (USA), Founder at Monkey Fist Digital ​www.facebook.com/monkeyfistdigital

Respect from your new American Friend

by Sonja Thorsvik (USA), Founder at Monkey Fist Digital ​www.facebook.com/monkeyfistdigital

"I had to run to a meeting: but wanted to say: Emotional Intelligence... I had never heard of this until it was 'mandatory' reading before starting Graduate School [so this was 11 years ago]: Until I discovered this I always felt something was 'off' in me: like I just wasn't smart enough... What a wonderful feeling to know there is more in life!!!... I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you are talking about this and think the WHOLE WORLD needs to hear it! Yahhh! 😊 Respect from your new American Friend ~" "I Absolutely know, without a doubt, that you will be in front of people one day spreading your message... I can see it... the world is yours for the taking! Who better than you right?! 😊"
by Janeice (USA), Life Coach www.facebook.com/janeicedelisle

Great tools to help me succeed!

by Janeice (USA), Life Coach www.facebook.com/janeicedelisle

"Entrepreneurship can be challenging when you start out, and I am so glad I reached out to Wahido when I did! His insight and depth of knowledge helped me understand how to use social media in my budding business to its fullest potential (and, how to do it), and has offered great tools to help me succeed, build a reputation, and a profitable business that allows myself to help others."
by Charlotte (USA), Lifestyle Stylist www.charlottepetitnoble.com

Genuinely engaging

by Charlotte (USA), Lifestyle Stylist www.charlottepetitnoble.com

"I had been looking for a business coach for a while and while I was not sure about what would be the perfect fit for my needs, I found Wahido. I believe in perfect timing and he was there at the perfect timing with all the enthusiasm and greatness that I could possibly imagine. From our first call, Wahido made me feel comfortable and very open to see where I was at not only in my business but also, and mostly, in terms of my mindset and what were my blocks. Wahido is genuinely engaging and concerned about your success. I could feel that my success is his success and he will actually push through your believes (true or false) to make you reach out to your next level in business and life. I highly recommend anyone who is reading this to give a shot and truly enjoy the experience with him!"
by Sharon (USA), Yoga & Meditation teacher www.facebook.com/sharonbrockmeditation

Wahido's exceptional coaching skills

by Sharon (USA), Yoga & Meditation teacher www.facebook.com/sharonbrockmeditation

"I received coaching by Wahido Marata yesterday. What stands out most for me was Wahido's sincerity and exceptionally caring way of being. Even though we communicated via Skype, I could feel his support of my ideas and vision not only with his words, but also from his listening, facial expressions, and body language. Wahido's exceptional coaching skills allowed me to have a huge breakthrough in my confidence level. I am a writer with a vision of authoring a self-help book about how meditation can support cancer patients. Since it is my first book, I had fears and doubts about my capabilities and about the journey of authoring a book. Wahido's heart-felt support helped me to see the value of this book and my personal story. My fears and doubts are now gone and I am more motivated than ever to complete this book, and be of service to this demographic. Thank you, Wahido. I'm not procrastinating anymore!"
by Tara (Malta), 👟Lifestyle🙄Awareness💖Inspiration http://tinspired.today

Made me feel so comfortable and present

by Tara (Malta), 👟Lifestyle🙄Awareness💖Inspiration http://tinspired.today

"Wahido reached out to me through a social network and we connected immediately. Being open to new insights and journeys, I took Wahido's coaching call and he heard my story with open ears. His altruism and genuine kindness made me feel so comfortable and present in our conversation. He listens, asks questions we are often afraid to address or answer ourselves and gave me more insight and reassurance on my bigger vision and deep sense of purpose. I am truly grateful for you Wahido, not only for your tenderness and positive energy, but because you have never met me, yet believe in me, push me to take further steps, listen to my truth and keeping moving forward. ​I recommend anyone looking to unblock any form of resistance they've had by talking to Wahido and witnessing his charisma, energy and profound beliefs in co-creating the greater good and your own ultimate potential."
by ​Niina (Austria), Instagram influencer @vegan.niinja

Wahido has helped me to believe

by ​Niina (Austria), Instagram influencer @vegan.niinja

"This course is great for you if you are looking for that extra push to reach your goals, and understand the value of your mindset, and how you can use it to create the life you want to live. I love how much this step-by-step course inspires and motivates me to go for whatever dream I have!"
by Nicole (Sweden), Instagram influencer @veganwanderworld

I became motivated and excited about my business!

by Nicole (Sweden), Instagram influencer @veganwanderworld

"Before my call, I really didn't expect much. I had plans to hire a coach although I have never taken the time or money to do so. When on the call with Wahido I was pleasantly surprised. He genuinely cared about what I wanted with my business and listened carefully to what I had to say. Always asking questions to further ensure that he completely understood what my needs are. Based on his careful listening we then came out with a plan together and Wahido asked me what I can do, when and how. I really felt like we sat a goal together and that it was a teamwork. I didn't feel like I was told what and how to do anything. You all know the unmotivated feeling you get by being told what to do. This was the exact opposite. After my first call, I was motivated and excited about my business."
by Yvonne (Germany), Instagram influencer @yviwantsless Blogger at www.willascherrybomb.de

I finally took matters in my own hands

by Yvonne (Germany), Instagram influencer @yviwantsless Blogger at www.willascherrybomb.de

"My session with Wahido was amazing, he opened my eyes to possibilities and asked me questions, that I haven't asked myself. It made me realize that I have to change my thoughts about my business and finally take matters in my own hands. He's super nice and it was easy for me to talk to him. It was my first life coaching session ever and I didn't know what to expect, but Wahido was asking the right questions, so we had a great conversation! I can definitely see how my business and my personal life is evolving due to working with him and I can highly recommend his services!"
by Deb Hattingh (Australia), Graphic Designer

Absolutely incredbile. A massive awakening.

by Deb Hattingh (Australia), Graphic Designer

"It was great to get another perspective and talk through some things which I would like to improve on. Your skills are great and I would love to sign on to your program. Wow. So much work is being done its hard to keep up! All positive! I feel better and better each month. I found our conversation to be insightful and definitely in line with what I am learning elsewhere. All the work I'm doing is helping in my relationships massively. I'm on a road to finding my lifes purpose. And of course being much happier and healthy human. Working through my causes of anger helps too. As you can tell I'm committed to change and growth. I see myself getting stronger. Its thanks to people like you advising and guiding which makes such a difference in people's lives. I felt quite nervous chatting via Skype with you I had no idea what to say or expect. I'm a bit awkward at times sharing with people I have just met. However once we were chatting I felt at ease. Your session was insightful. And has definitely added to my understanding that life is a journey of lessons which if we open up to them we can really live at a higher vibration and emotional intelligence. Absolutely incredbile. A massive awakening."

Bonus material

Besides this online course, when you enrol you will also get:

  • 30 minutes Accelerator Coaching Session w/ Wahido

    What are you wanting for? Please, please, please, do me a favour: do not wait for tomorrow to create sustainable changes in your life. Today is the day to look at your mindset, your level of self-awareness, your diet, sleeping rhythms, goals, dreams and deeper aspirations. It is today that you can choose to consciously pursue real and tangible happiness by being the best person the world deserves. Yes, the world and everyone that surrounds you DESERVES the BEST YOU!

  • Members' Only Facebook Group

    This is a place to connect to like minded people, engage with a positive and encouraging community, brain storm on business ideas, celebrate your wins with people who understand you, create unforgettable connections and get all the support when you need it! Use this group in the best way possible, by asking questions and sharing your struggles and challenges.

  • Weekly Curated Newsletters

    In these newsletters you will learn how to: - Exponentially increase your social media presence. - Create a massive action plan, resources and strategies to grow your business. - Learn how to generate more leads and sales online. - Build an online business from scratch. - Learn how to make a bigger impact in the world with your work and increase your revenue. - Learn how to build a solid rock reputation. - Learn how to grow and monetize instagram and other social media platforms.

Why is NOW the best time to start?

If you are ready to change and to give those steps in order to fulfil your dreams and most admirable aspirations, I will ask you to commit and step out of your comfort zone and really give the necessary steps to reach your goal(s). Motivate yourself. No excuses. The time is now, we can't wait till tomorrow.

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